Graham Christie, University of Strathclyde
How we are using benefits forecasting to drive decision-making in our Cloud Transformation Programme

An overview of the tools and techniques we use to track and report on benefits realisation, including the lessons we’ve learned and future plans.


Norris, Strategic Programmes Office, UWE Bristol.
Developing a culture and mindset for practical application of Benefits Realisation Management in HE that makes a difference.

Building upon the extensive work developing BRM at UWE Bristol over the past 6 years, Lee will discuss what he has learned, how the process has developed and is now being expended to support the Strategic and Operational Planning of the University. Using innovative methods to create a supportive strategic narrative, enhancing the use of Programme and Portfolio Management, improving investment decisions and creating a more meaningful link between project outcomes and the medium/longer term impact on the Corporate Scorecard.


Caroline Hargreaves, University of Manchester
Amplify, the online tool developed to support benefits management