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24 November 2021

25 November 2021

26 November 2021

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26 November 2021

Online event: 10:00 – 12:00 Wednesday 24th, 14:00 – 16:00 Thursday 25th, 10:00 – 12:00 Friday 26th

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About the Event

CISG-PCMG21: No going back -Transitioning to a Hybrid Workplace

For the last year, we as a sector have hoped for a return to a normal workplace, and this is true of staff across academic and professional services. Our student body has had a very mixed experience in consuming our teaching and research services, but Institutions have delivered on their commitments. However, there have been a lot of positive changes for staff and students since March 2020 and several significant service enhancements are now accepted as the norm.

In practice, service delivery, collaboration, and engagement in Higher and Further Education has changed and we are now transitioning to a new hybrid workplace, where distributed and external digital technologies and new processes and practices are being embedded. For most of our Institutions there will be no return to how we worked and delivered services prior to March 2020.

Many in the sector are trying to implement an operational model that will work for them as they make sense of the recent changes and take on new teaching and research delivery models, changed physical campuses, expanded services and service landscapes, and staff requirements for flexibility and enhanced key skills, all to satisfy a fast-paced migration to an ever-growing digital environment. Institutions must achieve financial balance while supporting quality and following a continuous service improvement agenda and technology is firmly at the centre of this endeavour.

As our workplace has changed and our delivery methods evolve, we have also seen a huge growth in cyber-attacks within the sector, and as we move our workplace online, enhanced security, user education and vigilance are critical

In the conference this year we want to explore the impact of these changes on:

  • Staff agility and the adoption of innovative technologies and skills.
  • New working models for staff and remote and flexible working.
  • Security, what are the implications of extending our boundaries?
  • Services and the growth of online and cloud.
  • Students and their overall experience and changing educational delivery models.
  • Development models - Is using web services, APIs, the cloud, and a DevOps model now the norm?
  • Programmes of work - how has the emphasis and priorities changed?
  • Finance, shifting Capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) spending models. Impact of changing student numbers and engagement profiles.

Our online conference this year will have a mix of traditional presentations and updates from the sector, and we hope to give you an opportunity to engage with our suppliers and explore with them how they can bring innovation and support us.

We hope you can join us for our Virtual Conference from 24th – 26th November 2021.

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Geoff Houlton

Head of Information Systems

University of Cumbria

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Ian Wild

Director of Programme and Project Delivery

University of Oxford

Event Schedule

Day One: Wednesday

Day Two: Thursday

Day Three: Friday