Growing a Digital Workforce to engage with our Digital Workplace
Joanna Pentecost, Head of Digital Skills Development, King’s College London

Despite our highly digital workplaces, we still find many teams and individuals working in quite traditional ways, not making full or even proper use of the technologies that are available to them. At the heart of this issue is the digital literacy of our staff, with many staff lacking the skills and confidence to engage with technology effectively.

Hear how King’s College London are changing the way we view digital skills development, and the strategies we are adopting to engage with staff at all levels of the organisation to develop their digital skills and adopt the technologies we have.


How might we be leading and developing people 5, 10, 20 years from now?
Jon Faulkner, Managing Director, Domain7

In this session we'll be sharing insights and reflections with the group as well as encouraging conversation on the topic of "Leading and Developing People" through the different lenses of leadership, culture, empathy and connectedness, coaching, mentoring, trust & challenge, vulnerability & confidence, flexibility & constancy and a range of theoretical and practical reflections alongside.