Speaker abstracts

Teaching and learning reimagined and the AV Technology underpinning it
Oana Rundle, Project Manager, University of Plymouth

As the pandemic challenged teaching and learning approaches and activities, University of Plymouth focused on ‘Build back better’, by establishing Blended teaching and learning principles, underpinned by innovative AV technology and design.

The AV refresh project kicked off just before the pandemic and continues to support progress towards the development of blended and experiential learning. Join me to hear about the University of Plymouth AV refresh journey, the lessons learnt throughout the pandemic and contemplate what it takes for AV technology to keep up with the changing needs of education.


AV Fusion: Audio Visual challenges and solutions for future-facing teaching.
Martin Hawksey, Learning Design and Technology Lead - Edinburgh Futures Institute

The Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI) based at the University of Edinburgh is building an education portfolio around a set of strong principles for teaching which address the futures of higher education, work, scholarship and society. Our portfolio is designed to make the best use of online and on-campus teaching, and opens up new opportunities for lifelong learning and flexible student pathways, in particular, we are developing opportunities for our students to study across three spatiotemporalities: on-site; online in real time; and online in alternate time.

In parallel to the development of our education portfolio the University of Edinburgh is currently restoring the Old Royal Infirmary and when the restoration of this Category-A Listed building is complete the EFI will move into as its new permanent home. The project is complex and involves the creation of state-of-the-art teaching facilities within some of the building’s historically significant Nightingale wards.

The requirements to enable online and on-campus students to study together and integration within a historic building creates a number of AV challenges. In this presentation we will share some of EFI’s journey so far including the work to establish the requirements of our users, the data and policy implications of additional technologies such as intelligent microphones, and the challenges of integrating with evolving ecosystems.


Evolution of AV requirements at the University of Strathclyde
Bruce Rodger, Head of IT Infrastructure and Campbell Jamieson, Learning Spaces Manager, University of Strathclyde

Within the next few weeks, the University of Strathclyde will be welcoming the first students into its new Learning and Teaching complex, a £60m refurbishment of two buildings from the 60s and 70s.

A sophisticated Audio Visual installation was specified to flexibly accommodate many different modes of teaching and groupwork within the building. However, the design was completed, and construction was well under way, when our world, and our teaching technology requirements, were turned upside down by Covid-19.

In response to these constantly changing teaching requirements, the facilities being installed within the building have evolved greatly from that initial specification.

Campbell and Bruce will give an overview of the facilities in the new building, and discuss how the specification has evolved. They will discuss and demonstrate some of the newer facilities, enabling multiple modes of teaching, to local and remote audiences, from the same space. They will highlight the changing technical skillsets required by the audio-visual professionals who support our teaching colleagues.

They will present this from one of the teaching spaces, you will be the remote audience!