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Future Facing Learning: A Strategic Framework for Digital Empowerment

Future Facing Learning is the pioneering strategic framework for learning and teaching developed and implemented at Teesside University. Future Facing Learning places digital transformation within its broader pedagogic context, harnessing technology to deliver an outstanding learning experience. This session will frame digital transformation at Teesside University through exploring the dimensions of Future Facing Learning.


Microsoft Perspective

We are all aware of the people and cultural barriers that often prohibit our ability to deliver programmes of change. This session will focus on learnings that Microsoft has gathered from supporting thousands of customers both educational and others to deliver their vision and support change through the use of digital technology. The world is changing around us and in order to keep ahead and not slip behind it is important that we are all thinking about how we use digital technologies to support our thinking. We will also touch on how Microsoft how supported Teesside on their journey and the support we can offer the sector.


Challenging Transformation: Reimagining Academic Practice in the Digital University

Staff and students are situated at the heart of digital transformation at Teesside University, with a pronounced emphasis on people rather than technology. Inevitably, change initiatives at an institutional level create challenges in how individuals react and engage with transformational changes in practice. This session will explore the challenges of digital transformation from the perspective of shifting academic practice to maximise positive outcomes for the student experience.


Demonstration of the Digital Classroom

The Digital Classroom is an experimental teaching space developed at Teesside University to explore the integration of cutting edge learning technologies with the physical teaching estate. The Digital Classroom embodies Future Facing Learning and was shortlisted in the ‘Inspiring Learning Spaces’ category for the Education Estates Awards 2018. This demonstration will outline how the Digital Classroom has shaped innovative pedagogic practices.


Digitally Enabled Social Learning in the Library

Teesside University has reimagined the meaning and function of its Library to transform the physical estate into a digitally enabled social learning space. Flexible learning, responsive to the distinctive needs of the student body, is central to this vision. This tour will illustrate how this aspirational vision has been realised in practice, and identify how core elements of Library service delivery underpin Future Facing Learning.


Digital Transformation: Delivering the Vision

A focused strategy, procurement expertise and strong project management is required to ensure your digital transformation vision is delivered. Teesside University retained 4C Strategies to provide this expertise. This presentation provides an overview of the key challenges faced by Teesside University and how these were addressed.


Embedding Microsoft Office Specialist certifications in the curriculum

In preparing students for the future, Teesside University recognises the importance of technical certifications in supporting graduates to evidence their preparedness for the workplace. This case study will explore the challenges and opportunities of embedding MOS certification within the Business School curriculum.


Utilising Augmented Reality in the classroom

Augmented reality offers unparalleled opportunities to transform pedagogic practice through visualising learning opportunities in a manner which would be impossible to replicate within a traditional teaching environment. This case study will outline the successful implementation of an AR app within Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy undergraduate provision.


Minecraft as a pedagogic tool

In recent years, Minecraft has increasingly been viewed as a powerful pedagogic tool, facilitating the creation of engaging online learning environments. This case study will explore how the educational use of Minecraft has been piloted within Teesside University from the perspectives of staff and students.


Plenary: Measuring success in the context of Education 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has the potential to revolutionise higher education, through changes conceptualised by Jisc as Education 4.0. The plenary panel, composed of representatives from UCISA, Microsoft and Teesside University, will offer reflections on learning from the cultural challenges of digital transformation and the future of education, and respond to questions from participants stimulated by the event.