Why Payment Security is more than just PCI DSS

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19 August 2020

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20 August 2020

online: 10:00 - 11:00

via MS Teams

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About the Event

Payment Security - is it falling through the gaps?

Payment Security is the silent service every consumer expects to be in place, regardless of where, when and how they are making a payment. Throw doubt on your ability to secure the consumer’s payment data and you risk undermining the consumers trust and confidence in your payment systems and wider organisation. Trust and confidence is key for Payment Security.

Is this essential silent service being delivered by our institutions or is payment security and the associated risks to the institution being overlooked? Are our institutions fully aware of the complexities, risks and legal obligations of taking and processing payments?

Academic institutions have always faced a consistent virtual threat from criminals looking to exploit overlooked vulnerabilities in their systems, however this threat is heightened in the current climate. 

We are all aware of the legal and moral responsibility for institutions to protect themselves, their staff, and their users from data breaches. However, our organisations also need be aware of the need to ensure the integrity of payment data and the increased challenge they face in protecting this highly desirable asset. 

Chaired by Dean Phillips, Assistant Director, at University of Aberdeen, panelists Mike Vale from the University of Manchester, Neil Favager from University of Leeds, and Timothy Ingham from University of Lincoln will be joined by Megan Baldwin from WPM Payment Security to discuss the contemporary risks to payment security, and how best to manage and surmount them.

This event will be of interest to all ucisa members who appreciate that payment security is more than just PCI DSS compliance. It is also for those who would like to build their understanding in this critical area, as well as those who are interested in the topic of data security more generally. As resolving this issue within any institution will need close collaboration between IT and Finance departments, please feel free to invite any finance colleagues to join the webinar.


person smiling at the camera

Dean Phillips

Assistant Director, Digital and Information Services

University of Aberdeen

black and white drawing to represent a person

Mike Vale

IT Risk Manager

University of Manchester

megan baldwin

Megan Baldwin


WPM Payment Security

Neil Favager

Neil Favager

Information Governance Manager

University of Leeds

Tim Igham

Timothy Ingham

Security, Compliance and Administration Manager

University of Lincoln

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