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ANS Group

Creating the foundation for a Digital Campus

Karl Grocock, Head of Service Management & Infrastructure, University of Leeds and Andy Barrow CTO, ANS Group

How the University of Leeds has started to make a £Multi-Million IT cost saving to enable a digital campus by moving to a scalable and high-performance managed Azure cloud solution, with the help of cloud and managed services provider, ANS Group. 

Karl Grocock
Karl has worked at the University of Leeds for the last four years and is responsible for driving its Cloud First vision as part of the University’s IT Strategy.  Responsible for building the underlying Business Case behind the University’s multi million pound cloud adoption programme, Karl is now overseeing the wider adoption of the Microsoft Cloud and a number of Azure Advanced Services projects to support next generation research, data management and teaching / learning.
Andy Barrow
As the industry witnesses the mainstream adoption of big data, cloud native application development and IoT solutions, Andy is responsible for driving the overall strategy and technical vision that enables our customers to navigate all of these new services with ease. Regarded as an industry-thought leader across the Cloud market, Andy spends most of his time working closely with customers to develop and deliver transformational solutions to help drive innovation. Andy is a regular speaker at a range of industry and sector specific events.


Becoming a globally connected university

Kathy McCabe, Director of Information Services (CIO) at Heriot-Watt University

With three Scottish campuses, one campus in Dubai and another in Malaysia, Heriot-Watt’s‘hub and spoke’ approach to services was failing to meet the needs of its 30,000 online students, 13,500 on campus students, and 2,500 global staff. With cultural differences and local market regulations making it difficult for the university’s worldwide network to share and access resources, the IT team set out to overhaul its existing systems, and move towards a 100% cloud based model. In this presentation Kathy McCabe, Global Director of Information Services (CIO) at Heriot-Watt University, discusses the university’s strategic plan to create a globally connected campus by 2025, and how past, current, and future user culture has helped inform the approach.


Kathy is Global Director of Information Services at Heriot-Watt University where she is responsible for Information Services, incorporating library, IT and digital learning. Kathy provides strategic direction and leadership to an international team of over 100 IT and library professionals, delivering a range of services to students, staff and visitors of the university.

Kathy McCabe

Digital Futures: Aligning our people and strategy
Robert Westcott, Director Information Technology, and Mike Johnson, Strategic Projects Director, Royal Holloway University of London
In this presentation, Royal Holloway will share how they are aligning people, purpose and strategy to achieve their Digital Futures ambition. As part of their transformation, Royal Holloway has been undertaking a significant programme of investment in technological platforms, people and partnerships. Key successes to date include the upgrade of core systems following a strategy of moving to Cloud/SaaS platforms, creating collaborative partnerships - internally and externally - and placing the right people with the right skills in the right role.

LinkedIn Learning

Creating better futures through digital transformation

Debra James, Project Officer at Coventry University and Charles Hardy, Education Client Partner for LinkedIn Learning

Information technology and an evolving digital agenda are critical to the future of Coventry University Group. Learn how the university partnered with LinkedIn Learning to deploy the online learning platform and by engaging departments, schools, staff and students, drove over 7,000 new users with future plans for expansion.

Debra James

Debra is the Innovation and Community Development Officer of the Disruptive Media Learning Lab at Coventry University, working to actively engage academic communities in the adoption of new teaching resources to support student engagement. Managing student recruitment and participation in DMLL initiatives, overseeing the coordination of events and activities hosted by the Lab, Debra seeks to connect likeminded people to create the best outcome for every scenario. Debra’s other interests include all things dance, fashion, and music. 


Charles Hardy

Charles’s career over the past 20 years has taken him from IBM to LinkedIn, driven by how technology can enable and improve recruitment, careers and learning. For the past 5 years Charles has been leading LinkedIn’s engagement with Higher Education across EMEA, working with universities to leverage tools and insights to support student employability, digital capabilities, alumni engagement, staff development and institutional brand management. Since LinkedIn’s acquisition of, and with the launch of LinkedIn Learning, Charles has been partnering with universities to elevate online learning for student and staff skills development.



Trend Micro UK Ltd
Beneath The Surface (Cyber threats in Higher Education environments
Angus Macrae, Head of Cybersecurity, Kings College London
Angus will discuss designing a security operation based around consolidation and automation; and how this approach helps to address the increase in Threats (cyber), via automating key tasks and consolidating down to fewer and more integrated vendors set, as well as how this approach helps address the skills shortage.

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