Plenary abstracts



Brian Lea

Driving Datacentre Computing Infrastructure Consolidation with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

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Tim Purkiss

Supporting Cloud Transition with Identity and Access Management.

Tim will look at how the changing face of IT infrastructure can best be supported by planning parallel changes to how IAM operates. Focussing on how designing an effective roadmap can allow IAM services to underpin cloud transition while keeping users and data secure.


Timandra Harkness

What is knowledge in the age of big data?

Data is everywhere. Big Data, in fact. Is it true that all human knowledge is now just 3 clicks away on the internet? Timandra Harkness, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s FutureProofing and author of ‘Big Data: does size matter?’ takes a serious but irreverent look at the future of the university in the age of Big Data.




Guilherme de Sousa and Tricia Moscati

Cyber Essentials Plus: Transformation in a devolved IT landscape

Over the space of 12 months Heriot-Watt University embarked on an ambitious project to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus in the Autumn of 2018. Guilherme and Tricia will share the challenges the team faced and the approach taken to achieve compliance in a devolved environment with no additional budget or resource.


Will Harries and Anna Mathews

Insights from attending NDC Oslo as a ucisa bursary recipient

In this informal session, we’ll share highlights of attending NDC Oslo though the ucisa bursary and gain an insight from Will on what he’s brought back to his institution.


Nick Skelton

Staying relevant: new skills to manage infrastructure anywhere

The infrastructure of university today is hugely different to that of ten years ago. Have our skills as infrastructure professionals kept up to date with the change? How do we develop ourselves - individually, as teams, and as a sector – to stay relevant in the modern world?


Arthur Clune and David Thompson

What use is infrastructure in a serverless age?

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