Exhibition and sponsorship opportunities

This year's conference is aimed at both technology practitioners as well as technology leaders and features a great mix of sector-led presentations, interactive sessions, business showcases and insightful keynotes.

On-premise, in the Cloud, co-located, or a combination of all three?  Our IT Infrastructures are now more disparate than ever and yet the goal remains the same, managing them as single entities. Factoring in Infrastructure of varying ages, vendors, alongside shadow IT lurking in the dark recesses of our institutions, this becomes ever more challenging.

Reports of the death of the on-premise data centre may have been greatly exaggerated, but the proliferation of different types of infrastructure in likely disparate geographical locations is very real.  As a result, our own Infrastructure Teams now need to work in more agile and mobile ways, with DevOps and infrastructure-as-code being the new norm.  How can we manage it all effectively, ensuring that we can support the digital services our own institutions rely on?  Can we achieve the panacea of a single management interface?  What about the challenges our infrastructure teams face in developing, implementing and managing these technologies?

This Conference is aimed at university IT Directors, Infrastructure Managers and technologists. ICT infrastructure usually accounts for the second largest institutional spend next to Estates and Facilities. Infrastructure Managers and IT Directors usually have the biggest spending power, often signing deals in excess of the EU procurement threshold. These are the key ICT decision makers and strategy shapers.

If this is of interest, please see the options below for exhibition space and sponsorship opportunities. Exhibition space may be booked by completing the booking form and emailing it with an approved purchase order to the ucisa Office:

Primary sponsorship package
(inc keynote presentation, AV, table top stand space, 2 day passes, flyer)

 £5,000 + VAT

Business Showcase package
(inc 30 min presentation, table top stand space, 2 day passes, flyer)

 £2,500 + VAT

Exhibition package
(inc table top stand space, 2 day passes, flyer) 

£1,650 + VAT 

Primary sponsorship will include a keynote presentation slot, as long as a suitable presentation can be agreed. The Business Showcase sessions are a 30 minute parallel session within the main programme.

If you wish to take advantage of either of the above packages, please submit a 200 word proposal for the Conference Committee’s consideration together with details of your speaker.

The deadline for presentation proposals is Friday 31 May 2019; please email proposals to the ucisa Office

For the presentation proposals, wherever possible, demonstrate where you have partnered with a HE/FE institution, highlighting how you were able to meet the requirements, address challenges (e.g. peak loads during specific times of the year/activities) and demonstrate financial benefits realised.

It is essential that the presentations are of relevance to our intended audience, so, should be case studies or examples of where you have partnered with an HE/FE institution (or similar) to help meet and overcome these challenges.

The content should not be a sales pitch. Rather explain a general problem or challenge facing the sector, talk about what you have learned and finish with a few slides on how your solution can help. Presenting in partnership with an academic site as a case study with the Full member leading the presentation, is our preference.