Partner showcases


Delivering faster application processing for students and staff
Marcus Gilchrist, Head of Student Systems, Heriot-Watt University

Delivering a robust student admissions process in real time and making sure the information is correct is a technology challenge that many institutions will recognise. With campuses in Scotland, the United Arab Emirates and Malaysia, Heriot-Watt University attract students from around the world using Ellucian CRM Recruit, and this has transformed the way the University conducts their admissions processes to deliver a better experience and faster application processing for students and staff. 

Join Ellucian’s discussion with Marcus Gilchrist - Head of Student Systems at Heriot-Watt University, to learn more about Heriot-Watt’s transformation journey; a move to simple - yet very effective - standard processes, how they are managing their data in a far better and more efficient way, and how application through to decision making is far faster and is now a really effective system.

As well as learning from Heriot-Watt’s approach and practices, participants attending this session will gain insights on how they can increase applications and improve their admissions process by embracing new technologies and the benefits associated – whether this is achieving a far simpler, streamlined application experience for their prospects and students, or reducing the administrative burden on staff so they have more time to focus on their students one-on-one.

Tribal Dynamics

Our amazing new CRM System!
Megan McFarlane, Enquiry and Conversion Manager, University of Aberdeen

In her presentation, Megan McFarlane, Enquiry and Conversion Manager at the University of Aberdeen, will discuss enthusiastically how her team has been able enhance the personal service to enquiring students that they are known for. This has been achieved using the Tribal Dynamics CRM solution for HE.  


Connected collaboration and knowledge transfer
Gareth Healey, Senior Lecturer, Swansea University Medical School


Intelligent Automation to be Better, Faster, Smarter in HE
Hugh Langford, Development Manager, Henley Business School, University of Reading

We will explore the many use cases for conversational AI within the campus.  How we can attract new students and how they we can use collaboration means to look after their wellbeing.
How research and access to information can be improved and how employees of a further education establishment can access systems that are crucial to their work.

But technology can have its downsides.

  • How we avoid the “bad bots”?
  • How do we protect individual privacy concerns with the rise of GDPR?
  • How do avoid chaos through uncoordinated chat interfaces into systems.
  • What is the organisational governance we need to take to deal with the ethical challenges of bots being part of the campus? 

We will explore examples of Higher Education establishments delivering these use cases. We will specifically explore the collaboration that Oracle has had with Reading University via the World Bee project.  Our Partnership with Reading University also covers computing, internships, graduate recruitment, coaching and mentoring of students by Oracle staff, which we will also discuss during our proposed presentation.


Mastering the Cloud at Staffordshire University: lessons learned getting connected!
Keith Humphries, Staffordshire University

Staffordshire University were the first University to move from Oracle EBS to Oracle Fusion this year. This presentation will highlight why Staffordshire University chose Oracle Fusion and how it fits in with their Digital strategy. The presentation will also highlight the lessons they learned during the implementation.