Institutional showcases



Thursday 1000 - 1030


Taking a holistic approach to Business Systems Growth and Development
Seema Kisnay, Goldsmiths, University of London

The University had a requirement to take a holistic approach to systems growth and development. This is our journey on the steps taken to produce a Business Systems Strategic Plan and the themes which were created from the various discussions that were had with senior management at the University.

ARU’s journey to create and evolve our Project Management function through continuous improvement
Kate Monaghan and Bridget Michael, Anglia Ruskin University

Come with us on our journey to become a centre of excellence for Project Delivery at ARU. Starting in 2016 we set ourselves ambitious future goals by mapping out our aspirations for PMO maturity. Then we began the journey to work consistently and efficiently across all dimensions of the PMO.

Decoupling a monolithic application to a more modern framework
Stuart Mallan and Henry Maguire, University of Strathclyde

With increasing pressure on the business to respond to change quickly, software teams need be able to decrease development times and still provide quality applications. Discover how the University of Strathclyde plan to migrate from a monolithic java application (Student/Staff/Applicant Portal) built up over decades to a more modern architecture using restful web services and single page applications incorporating agile development tools.

Outcomes : What is a monolithic application and how can more modern frameworks improve recruitment opportunities and decrease development time.

IT’s getting there! Changing our culture through Lean Six Sigma
Lara Fox and Nick Hynes, University of Southampton

3 years ago, we realised that in order to keep pace with our changing environment and ever increasing customer expectations something needed to change. This is our story of how we applied Lean Six Sigma, the challenges we faced, our key learnings and how it has impacted our culture.

Improving PMO collaboration and governance through the use of Microsoft Office 365
Chrissie Felthouse and Su Taylor, University of Derby

The University of Derby IT Portfolio office experienced challenges in finding a PMO system that suited our needs. Solutions were either too light touch, or rigid ITSM software. We developed an innovative in-house solution using existing tools, tailored to our approach to meet our collaboration and project management requirements.


Thursday 1645 - 1715

Rethinking recruitment
Fraser Smith, University of Aberdeen

It is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit staff with the necessary skills. This session will showcase the University of Aberdeen’s Intern, Graduate, and Junior Developer schemes, which are helping us to support our Digital Transformation, including insights into our recruitment processes and training programmes.

Feel the fear and do it anyway: centralisation, technology, and combating resistance to change
Lisa Teasdale and Darren Geary. University of York

The University of York would like to tell you about a recent challenging project to manage the administration of Casual Workers across the University. The project involved new technology, policy, centralising processes across diverse and disparate departments. Tackling problems head-on in briefing sessions, setting minimum standards while allowing flexible rather than one size fits all approach ensuring goals are met with minimum push back as Departments engaged with the project and felt their needs were being addressed.

A Journey to the Cloud with Azure Stack
Tomo and Julie Hartley, London Business School

Find out how London Business School will be using Azure Stack as a IaaS platform to migrate our existing VMWare estate, as a stepping stone in our journey to the Cloud and refactoring our workloads, presented from both a technology and project management point of view.

Middlesex University’s Journey from Compliance to Engagement
Ian O'Donnell, Middlesex University

Middlesex University describe its journey in understanding how compliance can be managed in an easy and cost effective way, alongside a more useful set of engagement data, and the ability to record and monitor the outcomes of interventions, to deliver an intelligent, personalised and contextualized support for students to progress and succeed.

Finding the moment that matters with Student Experience Journey Mapping 
Melanie Sanderson, City University, London