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Webinar: UCISA UK HE Capability Model Update 


7 November 2017
online: 1000 - 1100


Following the excellent work undertaken by CAUDIT to create a capability model defining Australian and New Zealand HEI’s, a proposal was put forward, by the UCISA Enterprise Architecture CoP, that a similar activity could be undertaken to benefit the UK HE sector. Having the proposal accepted, in March 2017 a small team of 6, representing 5 universities, began work on the project.

This webinar will give a brief background on the work that has been carried out and expected outputs, the decision processes that have helped define the content and structure as well as touching on some of the potential benefits including helping to understand the business eco-system and acting as a facilitator for change.

For additional background information check out the project website




Event Information
Event: Webinar: UCISA UK HE Capability Model Update
Date: 7 November 2017
Venue: online: 1000 - 1100


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