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Approaches to Business Continuity

Approaches to Business Continuity in Universities is a concise resource for anyone responsible for a business-critical process within their institution and those, such as members of the Board of Governors, who have oversight responsibilities for these processes.


Constructed using interviews with eleven experienced professionals from across the sector, the publication looks at how to create a business continuity plan, how to test it and how to embed business continuity planning into your organisation. It also contains prompts to help the reader consider their department's readiness for significant disruptions such as severe weather, the failure to renew a contract with a major monopoly supply or a denial of service attack on the academic network.


Approaches to Business Continuity in Universities has been written for registrars, finance directors, heads of HR, libraries and estates, CIOs and other professional services, and for those with an interest with business continuity such as the audit committee.

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