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2017 Digital Capabilities Survey Report


This Digital Capabilities Survey 2017 was the second survey undertaken by UCISA and built on 2014, survey. 

Many thanks to the authors: Gillian Fielding, Nick Smith, Dr Jim Tyson, Alistair McNaught, Julie Adams, Lorraine Barclay, Iain Cameron, Annette Webb and Helen Beetham.

The Survey Report can be access in various formats:

The full report including the appendices is available to download as a PDF via the publications library

2017 Digital Capabilities Survey Report
IntroductionSection 1: Defining digital capabilitiesSection 2: StrategySection 3: Delivery, implementation and practiceSection 4: Accessibility for allSection 5: Looking to the futureSection 6: Concluding remarksAcknowledgementsCopyright, disclaimer and availabilityAcronymsAuthorsAlternative formats2017 Survey questions
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