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Award for Excellence - brief 

UCISA Award for Excellence

Information Technology is integral to every aspect of the operation of universities and colleges. The UCISA Award for Excellence is intended to recognise IT/IS departments that make an exceptional contribution to their institutions, highlighting levels of excellence demonstrated by UCISA members within the UK higher and further education sector.


UCISA recognises the need for higher and further education providers to make effective use of IT in delivering their strategic aims. We are looking to recognise IT practice or projects which bring significant new or wider benefits to learners, or researchers, or the institutions that serve them, in a cost effective way.

The Award for Excellence may be in an area listed below, or indeed a significant integration of a number of these headings:

  • Efficiencies and modernisation
  • Collaboration
  • Teaching,  learning, and the student experience
  • Research
  • Process improvement
  • Administration
  • Embedding new technologies

The Award will be judged on the following criteria:

Return on Investment

Entries must include an estimate of the total costs of the project, with an indication of how internal staff costs are accounted for.  They must also include a clear statement of the benefits planned and delivered. To meet this criterion, successful entries will usually relate to an active service or an achieved improvement rather than to an investigatory project.

Contribution to the Institution and Excellence

Entries need to explain what makes the initiative excellent, with reference where relevant to the alternative solutions available, and demonstrate the contribution the initiative makes to the institution’s objectives.

Transference of Best Practice

Entries should explain how the initiative can benefit other institutions.

All entries must carry a permission to publish. The Award is given to recognise innovation and best practice, and by sharing this view, to generally increase the levels of excellence within UK higher and further education management.


One award will be made with a monetary value of £5000. The Award will be presented at the UCISA15 Conference in Edinburgh, 18 – 20 March 2015 and the winning institution will be invited to present as part of the Institutional showcases session within the Conference.

The award will be made to a UCISA member institution and not an individual.

Only one submission from an institution for the award will be accepted. Where multiple submissions are received from an institution, the named UCISA representatives of that institution will be requested to select the valid submission for the award.

Submissions will relate to the non-commercial activities of the member institution.

The closing date for submissions for the 2014 Award is Friday 6 February 2015.

Submissions should be by an electronic document that includes the details from the proforma below and emailed to Peter Tinson at  The submission should consist of a brief description of the work, with supporting documentation explaining why it should be judged as excellent. The submission should include examples of how good practice can be shared to generally increase the levels of excellence within UK higher and further education management.

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