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Staff Development Award 2012 

The winner of the 2012 award is the University of Nottingham. Their submission focused on their talent management strategy. The publicity leaflet for the Aspire programme is available here.

The themes for the 2012 Award themes were:

  • Innovative Approaches to Developing Staff
  • Lean Times: Spotlight on Staff Skills Development
  • Staff Development Strategies in a Recession
  • Quarts and Pint Pots: Making the best of the Staffing Resource
  • Role of Staff Development in Rationalisation of Service Portfolios
  • Developing Staff: Synergies between Centralised and Distributed Units.

The award aims to focus on using staff development opportunities provided within the everyday life of an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team in member institutions, in particular solutions that clearly demonstrate efforts that have delivered innovative solutions that have potential applicability within the wider Higher Education sector. The focus is on “people benefits” associated with staff development and not specifically upon the successful completion of a particular piece of work.

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