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Staff Development Group Best Practice Award 2008 

The theme for the 2008 award was:

Opportunities for Staff Development within project management practices [1]

The aim of the award was to focus on the use of staff development opportunities provided within professionally managed projects to aid cultural change within an organisation. The focus is on “the people benefits” associated with staff development and not specifically upon the successful completion of a project.

A main criteria in judging the award was that successful submission should demonstrate innovation and clear evidence of how participants’ skill sets have been enhanced to the benefit of themselves and their institution.

The award was presented to the University of Nottingham at the 2008 UCISA TLIG-SDG User Support Conference. The competition attracted a high quality field and the judges noted merit in each of the submissions. All four submissions are available from the links below:

UCISA-SDG Best Practice Award winner:

University of Nottingham

Other submissions:

Aston University
University of Leeds
University of Portsmouth

[1]For the purposes of this Award, project management will be considered as activity as broadly described within the JISC Project Management Toolkit; see


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