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Entry criteria - Amber Miro Memorial Award 

Amber Miro Memorial Award – recognising and rewarding innovation

Outside of the ITIL and the project management, beyond the forms and the business cases, there are ideas. Ideas that improve service and make people say “that’s amazing”. Sometimes these come from those in our teams that you least expect, and sometimes they can go unnoticed. Large or small, or perhaps somewhere inbetween, these eureka moments are not always given the recognition they deserve. And without recognition sometimes the passion, enthusiasm and drive to improve and innovate can decrease within our teams.

The aim of the UCISA Amber Miro Memorial Award is to highlight these innovative ideas that make a difference, and to recognise and reward the ideas demonstrated by UCISA members within the UK higher and further education sector. The Award has been created in memory of Amber Miro, who was Chair of UCISA’s Support Services Group and a member of the UCISA Executive when she died in March 2012. Amber was passionate about innovation and innovative thinking, and the reward mirrors those values.


The award is for truly innovative projects, services, or service improvements made within a member institution that can be shown to have made a difference to students and/or staff. These changes don’t need to be large, as long as they can be shown to have made a positive impact on the lives of our stakeholders. The innovation should be supported by the IT department, but does not have to originate from IT to be included in the shortlisting. The award will be made to innovative submissions that can evidence real change and not submissions that just highlight standard service delivery.

The Award will be judged on the following criteria:


The submission should highlight how the idea differs from the norm of IT service provision / project delivery in

  • The way that the idea was pitched / discovered / generated
  • The way that the project or idea was managed
  • The way the benefits were realised

Assessment of the project

The submission should clearly explain:

  • What problem is being solved
  • What approach was taken
  • What problems had to be overcome
  • What benefits have been delivered
  • What lessons there are to other member institutions or the wider UCISA community

Quality and presentation of submission

Submissions to the Award must be in video format, no longer than 5 minutes long.

The video needs to highlight the above points and show the end product in action, demonstrating the benefits it has brought.

The videos will be used on the UCISA website/YouTube channel and shown at UCISA events to promote the winning submission and the award.

The submissions will be judged for their clarity in explaining the project aims and achievements, as well as the innovative nature of their presentation.


The award will be made to a UCISA member institution and not an individual. The representative of the successful submission will receive:

  • Equipment to the value of £1000 that will further innovation at the winning institution
  • A trophy and framed certificate acknowledging the award. These will be presented at the main UCISA Conference.
  • Attendance at a UCISA Conference to present their work
  • Publicity via the UCISA website and a press release.

Multiple submissions from an institution for the award will be accepted.

Submissions will relate to the non-commercial activities of the member institution.

The closing date for submissions for the 2015 Award is Thursday 22 October.

Submissions should be emailed, with an accompanying message of support from a UCISA representative from the submitting institution, to Peter Tinson ( In the event of the video file being too large to be emailed, please contact the UCISA Office ( to discuss alternative arrangements.

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