ucisa's 2021 Leadership Programme inaugural webinar

18 February 2021 - ucisa's 2021 Leadership Programme inaugural webinar

Date: Thursday 25 February 2021

Time: 16:30 - 18:00

Booking: www.ucisa.ac.uk/events

We are thrilled to announce that the first event of ucisa’s 2021 Leadership Programme

In this inaugural webinar, our special guest Mick Jenkins MBE uses storytelling to unravel the mysteries of getting the best ‘bang for buck’ using modern day thinking around cyber-security and provides an insight in how to deliver strategic business resilience with smart investment. Mick is the CISO for Brunel University London, a former bomb disposal and counter-terrorist intelligence officer, and author of four spy novels with a sprinkle of nation state cybercrime. Mick talks about his life, career, and how he has steered some incredibly innovative changes at his organisation to turn its cybersecurity approach around.

With cybersecurity now a top strategic priority for senior leaders across the sector, Mick’s webinar will be a pertinent introduction to our high-level thought leadership programme, a series of virtual events designed to deliver the catalyst for creative and innovative thinking that members usually look to our annual Leadership Conference to provide.