Information Security Training Awareness Course

27 May 2020 - Information Security Training Awareness Course

ucisa has released an updated version of its popular Information Security Awareness Training Course to reflect changes in the information security threat landscape, and to respond to new legislation such as GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

The online self-directed course, which is free to ucisa member institutions, is already mandatory for staff in many universities and colleges, with some organisations also delivering the course to students to help promote a better understanding of how and why to protect data, and how to work safely whilst mobile.

The modular course takes around an hour to complete and consists of a variety of activities such as quizzes, games and videos. The course is customisable by institutions.

Deborah Green, ucisa CEO said, “The Information Security Training Awareness Course is one of ucisa’s most valued resources. It’s free for any university or college that is a ucisa member to download and roll out. We’re encouraging people to let us know more about how the course is being used and customised, and what material or features they might find useful in the next edition.”

The course content for this release was revised by Gareth Johns, IT Training Manager at Cardiff Metropolitan University, with review by members from across the ucisa community.

Thanks to the generous co-operation of the original consortium of five universities (University of Leicester, Cranfield University, University of York, Imperial College London and the University of Leeds) and LEO Learning who developed the original course, ucisa now has the necessary intellectual property rights to update and distribute the course to its members in perpetuity, and plans to revise the course regularly based on feedback from users.

The ucisa Online Information Security Training Awareness Course is freely available to download for all ucisa member institutions from