03 June 2019 - VLE Review Toolkit launch

The ucisa VLE Review Toolkit provides essential guidance for institutions who are planning to review their virtual learning environments (VLEs). 

Constructed using interviews from eleven experienced  HE professionals and eight supplier representatives, the Toolkit considers topics such as requirements gathering and prioritisation, evaluating tenders and hosting. The  resources section of the Toolkit contains templates and examples provided by universities.


Fiona Strawbridge, Head of Digital Education, University College London and VLE Review Toolkit project lead, explains, “The aim of this Toolkit is to distil the experience, insight and hard lessons learned into a digestible and practical form. It has been developed with input from heads of technology enhanced learning (TEL), project managers, change managers, procurement professionals and commercial VLE providers. Anyone considering running a VLE review should find much of interest - it is full of invaluable insights into the challenges, potential pitfalls, and the ways to achieve a successful outcome. As someone who is about to embark upon a review, I for one will be drawing on it heavily!”