UCISA24 Awards Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Awards seeks to recognise institutions that can demonstrate a holistic and long-term commitment to diversity and inclusion within your culture. You must be able to highlight your strategy and how it has had a positive impact and is represented through all levels of your organisation and have championed actions to remove barriers and improve the working experience and engagement.

Hull College – AI Translate Project

Hull College has launched a groundbreaking project, transforming the educational landscape for ESOL learners through innovative technology. This initiative's core is integrating Microsoft Translate, Immersive Reader, and PowerPoint Live, explicitly targeting students with high intellect but limited English proficiency. This approach enhances comprehension of academic content and imparts essential knowledge about personal safety and well-being. 

Remarkably, this project transcends mere language translation. It serves as a vital bridge in language barriers, fostering an inclusive learning atmosphere where every student is equipped to reach their full potential. Recognised for its pioneering spirit, the project has received notable accolades, including a UFI grant, commendation as College of the Year by Edufuturists, the Ethical Use of Technology award from ALT, and a finalist position for the AOC Jisc Award. 

Addressing a national crisis in immigration and a 36% surge in ESOL demand since 2017, Hull College's initiative responds to the increasing diversity in the origin and languages of ESOL learners. Traditional ESOL teaching often overlooks the varied academic backgrounds of learners, many of whom possess high-level qualifications but need to gain English skills. This project uniquely addresses these challenges, recognising and nurturing learners' academic abilities. 

The college's strategy involves: 

  • A comprehensive online induction program. 
  • Diversified application processes.
  • Specialised training for vocational tutors. 

This approach contrasts the conventional paper based BKSB assessment and individualised teaching practices, offering a more dynamic and practical learning experience. 

This transformative project does more than teach English; it empowers learners to excel in vocational studies and beyond, aligning with the growing demand for practical ESOL training. By leveraging advanced technology, Hull College sets a new standard in ESOL education, positioning itself as a leader in adapting to the evolving landscape of diversity and educational needs. 

University College Cork – IT Services’ Inclusivity Team

The IT Services' Inclusivity Team was established to:

  • Develop an inclusivity strategy/white paper for IT Services covering aspects such as accessibility, diversity, and equality
  • Develop and enhance relationships with key partners across the wider university, and acting as primary liaison to stakeholders such as UCC Access Office (DSS, UCC Plus, Mature Students Office), Inclusive UCC, EDI, HR, International office, and UCC Students Union
  • Keep abreast of, and interpret key inclusivity initiatives
  • Work with business and IT service owners to establish inclusivity plans
  • Monitor and report on inclusivity-related metrics
  • Lead consultations, communications, and events on inclusivity matters.

One of the team's key activities this year was to embed our team values into UCC's procurement process.  To that end, we liaised with the Procurement Office to incorporate inclusivity and accessibility related criteria when tendering for new technological solutions. Our most recent major IT tendering  processes has evaluated system accessibility from both the user experience and the administrative backend as part of the overall acceptance criteria - this is direct evidence of the impact of our work.   

We have built relationships with representatives of the Students' Union, Human Resources, Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI), Inclusive UCC Team, International Office, Disability Support Services, and UCC's LGBT+ Staff Network. This resulted in developing communication and visibility through representing IT Services at EDI events and newsletter articles (for example)


University of Edinburgh – Ada Lovelace Day 2023

The University of Edinburgh’s Learning, Teaching and Web team's Ada Lovelace 2023 event was designed to spotlight the achievements of women in STEM fields, fostering an inclusive culture that goes beyond mere celebration and actively contributes to breaking barriers and improving the overall working experience and engagement within our institution. Ada Lovelace Day 2023 served as a pivotal moment for the University of Edinburgh to showcase positive career stories of successful women in STEM. An in-person event brought together approximately 25 individuals to hear inspirational talks by female leaders in STEM.

The Ada Lovelace 2023 project reflects the University of Edinburgh's commitment to fostering a holistic and long-term approach to diversity and inclusion. Through impactful events, engaging activities, and the creation of lasting resources, our institution has actively championed efforts to remove barriers and improve the working experience for all. We believe this project embodies the spirit of the Diversity and Inclusion Award and stands as a testament to our ongoing dedication to creating an inclusive culture within the University of Edinburgh. 



And the winner was......

Hull College for their AI Translate Project

Unfortunately the team from Hull College were unable to join us on the night so the award was collected by UCISA Trusteen Nathalie Czechowski, University of South Wales

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