New Community of Practice – ucisa User Experience

23 September 2021 - New Community of Practice – ucisa User Experience

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new ucisa Community of Practice (CoP), the ucisa User Experience (ucisa UX). Open to anyone in education currently practicing or interested in human centred design, the ucisa UX CoP aims to raise the bar for UX and Service Design across the UK education sector.

Acting as advocates for their users, colleagues working in UX have a huge role to play in improving the way students, staff and stakeholders interact with institutions digitally. By putting users’ experience at the heart of design, UX principles help to create a much more inclusive, accessible digital environment.

The new ucisa community will provide a space for UX colleagues from across the sector to meet, share, and learn with one another – considering topics such as UX design, UX strategy, Content design, Content strategy, UX research, Service design, Product design. While consisting primarily of HE professionals at the moment, it is worth noting that this community is open to FE colleagues also.

Having worked closely with a planning group of interested members and ucisa HQ to facilitate the formation of ucisa UX CoP, Ellie Wood from the University of Nottingham will become the community’s inaugural Chair. Elections for the ucisa UX CoP committee will be held in due course.

The first meeting of the ucisa UX CoP will take on Wednesday 6th October from 14:00-15:30, the focus of which will be “'But we've always done it this way': How do you embed human centred design thinking in a HE institution?”.

If you would be interested in joining in this community and participating in this initial meeting, please email to be included.