Higher Education Reference Models V2.6.0 Launch

18 November 2021 - Higher Education Reference Models V2.6.0 Launch

After a year of fantastic and fruitful conversations between the CAUDIT EA Community of Practice and the UCISA EA Special Interest Group, we have established a productive and collaborative relationship between our two communities, supported by the establishment of the UCISA Capability and Data Model Working Groups.

We are very pleased and proud that our UCISA working group has been able to contribute to the development of the latest iteration of the Global HE Capability Model jointly launched by CAUDIT, EDUCAUSE and UCISA.

The new version for the models, will be uploaded to the CAUDIT website and made available concurrently to our UCISA community and EDUCAUSE. Version 2.6.0 includes a wide range of minor improvements that have resulted from ongoing feedback from our communities as they have used and explored the reference models. However, there are three material changes that the next version is delivering:

  • Reworking of the Learning & Teaching value chain
  • Reworking of the Research value chain
  • The new Business Model Canvas

Our collaboration triggered the first two of those material changes and has provided strong value to the third. The CAUDIT EA CoP recognises and celebrates the contribution of the UCISA Capability Working Group, led by Rosie Coffey, Head of Enterprise Architecture at the University of Limerick and Dr Gazelleh Moradi, Business Process Management Specialist from Coventry University. Significantly, these outcomes underscore the value of our collaboration, and demonstrate its effectiveness. This is a fantastic result after we published our joint statement of intent back in Spring 2021.

This is the first significant stepping stone towards building together a truly global set of reference models for Higher Education. We would also like to acknowledge the work our EUNIS colleagues are doing in developing localised versions of the UCISA UK HE Capability Model and the introduction of a Finnish and a French language version. We are working closely with Patrik Maltusch and Esa Suominen who are co-leading the EUNIS EA Special Interest Group, and we are particularly thankful to EUNIS for having enabled Lex Wilkinson from UCISA and jeff kennedy from CAUDIT to meet at their 2020 online EUNIS Conference.

The UCISA UK HE Capability model is still publicly available, in use and widely adopted in the UK. We are not withdrawing or removing access to this model. However, we are not planning on unilaterally developing it further as a separate model, as we recognise the benefits of working together with our international counterparts and putting our efforts into advancing and adopting a global suite of reference models for Higher Education.

If you would like to get the latest version of the models, please email execsupport@ucisa.ac.uk. The ZIP file contains the updated Business Capability Model, the Data Reference Model, the brand-new Business Model Canvas, and the updated definitions along with a very comprehensive change log. Once you have access to the new version, if there is anything you would like to discuss, any comments and feedback, please send it either to the EA Group MS Team (please contact admin@ucisa.ac.uk to be added to this) or to the jiscmail mailing list (UCISA-EA@JISCMAIL.AC.UK).

A recording of the webinar launching the model is also available.