30 November 2021 - DCMS Cyber Breaches Survey for UCISA Institutions

As part of our efforts to build strong links with key stakeholders, we are pleased to be working with the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to help drive up responses to their annual Cyber Security Breaches Survey.

To take part, please nominate a senior colleague responsible for cyber security to lead for your institution. Then, complete this form to provide their contact details and preferred interview times. Ipsos MORI will then contact the nominated lead to schedule the 15 minute telephone interview.

Survey responses are confidential, and results will be aggregated – you can read more on Ipsos MORI’s and DCMS’ privacy notices. Results are published every year, with last year’s results available online.

If you have completed the form but have not yet heard back from Ipsos MORI, please let us know by emailing admin@ucisa.ac.uk. We hope to work with the DCMS on an annual basis in support of this survey and will be reviewing the process for next year to ensure it is as easy as possible for members to engage.