11 June 2021 - ucisa Annual General Meeting 2021 Results

Taking place on Thursday 10th June, this year’s AGM saw several changes to the ucisa Board of Trustees. With Drew Cook’s term of office as ucisa Chair coming to an end, he has been succeeded by Adrian Ellison, whose experience as ucisa Vice-Chair will be invaluable as he takes on this new role. We would like to thank Drew for all his hard work and dedication to the ucisa community over many years, as well as his exemplary leadership as ucisa Chair, steering ucisa through the turbulence of the last 15 months, all the while delivering on our Strategic Plan to 2022.

Congratulations are due not only to Adrian for election as ucisa Chair, but to Emma Woodcock and James Smith who were elected to the Board of Trustees – we look forward to the perspectives, expertise, and experience that they will bring to the team. Congratulations also to current trustee Paul Harness, who was elected to the role of Vice-Chair.

The Board of Trustees now comprises: Adrian Ellison (Chair); Paul Harness (Vice-Chair); Paul Butler (Secretary); Dean Philips (Treasurer); Sarah Cockrill; Emma Woodcock; and James Smith.