01 December 2021 - UCISA PCMG webinars: Launch of Resource and Portfolio Management Seminars

We’re fast approaching the holiday period but the Project and Change Management Group Committee have been busy planning some exciting seminars to kick off 2022 with a bang! Our next seminars will explore the ever present project challenges of resource and portfolio management. The seminars will be hosted by:

  • Karen Laing, Portfolio Manager at the University of St Andrews
  • Mark Ritchie, Head of Project Services at the University of Edinburgh
  • Simon Baker, Head of University Change Team at Birmingham City University

Delivering consistently successful resource and portfolio management for projects is difficult in any environment and possibly even harder in complex, devolved organisations such as Universities and Colleges. We don’t think that any one organisation will have all of the right answers and our seminars will explicitly set out to identify and share best practice as well as highlighting the most common pitfalls. These will be experience led, rather than theoretical, sessions. We want to know what works in both large and small HE and FE institutions.

This is where you all can help! We’ve designed a couple of surveys to find out more about resource and portfolio management and we’d love to get response from as many as possible of our members. The surveys, which should only take around 10 minutes each to complete, are available via the links below:

We’ll incorporate the results of the surveys at our seminars and share the anonymised survey results will you all via the usual channels.

We’d also really love for you to share your resource and portfolio management experiences at the seminars via a “lightning” (5-10 minute) presentation. We are sure that there are some great examples of best practice across our community – it will be brilliant to bring these to a wider audience. If you would be happy to share please include your contact details in your survey response and/or contact Karen, Mark or Simon directly.

The first seminar “Organising For Success” will take place at 10am on Thursday 20th January 2022 – that only 50 sleeps! We can hardly wait to see you all there!

Best wishes from Karen, Mark, Simon and all of the Project and Change Management Group Committee