Call for peer to peer speakers CPD

19 April 2021 - Call for peer to peer speakers CPD

With insightful sessions on a range of topics from Mobile-Enabled Student Experience, to GDPR, and Quiet Leadership, the ucisa peer-to-peer CPD sessions have been incredibly well-received by the community.

We would love to keep that momentum going throughout 2021, and so we are looking for speakers to deliver sessions to their colleagues across the sector on a topic of their choice.

Whether you have an interesting story from your career that taught you some valuable lessons or an aptitude for interpersonal skills that have helped in your current role, please volunteer to share your experience from which your peers can benefit in their own careers.

Leading a peer-to-peer CPD sessions is a great way to improve your presentation and public-speaking skills in a friendly environment and show some extra-curricular enthusiasm ahead of the next annual review!

So, why wait? To volunteer, please contact us