ucisa bulletin 11/11/2020

11 November 2020 - ucisa bulletin 11/11/2020

Move to online teaching by 9 December announced as part of student movement plans for end of term

As part of the plans to allow students to travel to return home for Christmas, the Department for Education has announced that universities should move all teaching online by 9 December.

  • Guidance from the UK Government “Student movement and plans for the end of term

    "Moving online
    As part of this plan, HE providers should plan to have moved all teaching online by 9 December at the very latest. We expect providers to stagger the end of face to face provision between 3-9 December both between faculties and universities in the same city (and region if possible). A provider can end face to face provision before 3 December if they wish. This should be undertaken by all providers, with exceptions only for healthcare students on placements as outlined below."

    HE providers should not restart any social and extra-curricular activities when the period of national restrictions ends on 2 December and should work with hospitality settings in the local area to discourage opportunities for students to socialise extensively prior to their departure home.

    The government has powers under the Coronavirus Act 2020 to direct HE providers, including to take specified steps in connection with the provision of education if necessary and proportionate to do so, and will consider the appropriate use of these powers if it becomes necessary.”

The Office for Students has today issued end of term guidance for students and we will issue further bulletins to the membership as new information becomes available.