CIS 2019 Survey report

21 May 2020 - CIS 2019 Survey report

The Corporate Information Systems Group (CISG) has carried out its annual survey of all ucisa member institutions in each year since 2007. This survey is one of the essential outputs from the CISG group; it establishes what systems and tools are currently in use, reveals the trends the tools have throughout their life cycle within institutions.

An invaluable resource, the full results of this survey are freely available to all ucisa member FE and HE institutions. This enables them to share experiences with other institutions and understand trends in the marketplace, as well as disseminate all this information to peers, staff, and managers within their own institutions.

A limited version of the survey shall be made available for all members, which will not contain contact details or any additional comments. A copy of the trends from this survey will also be available for general access.