Preparedness question set

03 March 2020 - Preparedness question set

Preparedness question set for ucisa members

Thank you to colleagues across the sector who have been in touch with us do far to share their preparations to mitigate the potential impact . To enable us to continue share best practice, please would you consider the following questions, providing specific examples of technologies and suppliers wherever possible? Your answers will be anonymised.

  • Providing services – teaching and learning
    Please could you let us know how your existing suppliers have helping you since the outbreak? 

  • Providing services – other
    Please advise of any new measures you have undertaken or any new technology you have implemented since the outbreak to support your institution’s teaching and learning activities (and related activities such as graduation). 

  • Infrastructure, access to business systems and licencing
    If you have an on-campus data centre what provisions are you making for increased use? How are you testing your local servers capacity and capability? If you already have off site or cloud provision, what additional preparations are you making? Some institutions have expressed concerns around their edge infrastructure or business systems being able to support a mass shift to remote working. If your infrastructure is geared to supporting limited numbers remotely, would your institution be able to react in a timely manner if the demand were to suddenly increase?

  • Providing services – research activities
    Are there any new measures that your institution is now taking to support research activities following the outbreak? 

  • Impact on the supply chain
    Are there any areas of concern or issues that you would like ucisa to raise with suppliers/ procurement bodies? 

  • Other preparations
    Please share with us other preparations your institution is taking that you think other universities or colleges may be interested in. As with the answers to the other questions, these will be anonymised.

Please share with us any preparations your institution is taking so that we can share ideas and solutions to the ucisa community by emailing Anna Mathews, Head of Policy Projects, ucisa