12 August 2020 - ucisa Digital Infrastructure Group (DIG) announcement

We are pleased to announce the merging of the ucisa Infrastructure Group and Networking Group, into the newly formed ucisa Digital Infrastructure Group.

Preliminary discussions between representatives of ucisa IG and NG took place in early March, and these fruitful early talks resulted in the decision to merge the two groups. This merger reflects changes to staffing structures within the majority of our member institutions; where infrastructure and networking teams are working far more synchronously than previously, typically being merged to avoid duplication and streamline support processes.

For current members of the IG and NG ucisa mailing lists, please note that you can continue to use these lists as before. More emphasis will be placed upon the ucisa-IG list as the core list for the new group, while the ucisa-NG list will continue to operate as the forum for specific posts related to networking infrastructure. Should you wish to join either of these mailing lists, please contact