Corporate Information Systems surveys


ucisa Corporate Information Systems Survey 2020

Each year ucisa provides a survey of Corporate Information systems used across the sector. This is an invaluable resource made freely available to all ucisa member HEIs and FEIs looking to share experiences with other institutions and understand trends in the marketplace. The ucisa CIS survey is carried out annually and provides a simple snapshot of the core CIS in use by ucisa members. The survey is open to all ucisa members and collects basic information about the main corporate information systems (CIS) in use in the HE sector.

There are two versions of the results spreadsheet available; an ucisa members' edition, which does not contain contact details and additional comments and a ucisa Institutional Full Member representatives only version, which contains contact details and additional comments.

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Public trends report

  • CISG Trend 2020 Public version. Trends in Corporate Information Systems2010-2020 [PowerPoint slide show] or [PDF version]

    It is important to note that a different number of institutions have responded in each year of the survey, and so the data are based on a varying sample of institutions in each year, therefore, any apparent trends should be treated with caution. It is also important to note that not all respondents answered each question of the survey, and so the totals included in the tables represent the overall number of respondents to each particular question.

ucisa Members' edition

available to Corporate, Affiliate, Institutional and Individual members of ucisa

Survey responses 

available to ucisa Institutional Full Member representatives

NB. Filling out the survey is optional, and answering all of the questions within the survey is also optional.
The CIS survey has been conducted each year from 2007 historical survey data for each year is also available on request. 


The CIS Survey 2021 is now open for completion, check to see if your institutions has responded.