Windows 10 End of Life Planning Huddle

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7 May 2024

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7 May 2024

Online 13:00 - 14:30

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About the Event

As the countdown to Windows 10 end of life in October 2025 ticks away, it's time to gear up for a transformative shift. Unlike previous transitions, Windows 11 compatibility for aging hardware has raised the stakes. 

Are you ready to navigate this monumental upgrade challenge?

Join us for an engaging and interactive session tailored to institutions where legacy hardware and cutting-edge research intersect. This isn't just another routine update; it's a pivotal moment requiring collective expertise and innovation. 

The Support Services Committee (SSG) present this interactive session as an opportunity to get together to:

  • Explore real-world experiences and lessons learned
  • Share resources, strategies and best practices to streamline the transition process
  • Collaborate on innovative solutions to ensure a seamless migration to Windows 11

The UCISA Support Services Group will gather the information and resource outputs from this session with the view to creating a Windows 11 migration toolkit that they will publish later in the year. 

Don't let the end of Windows 10 catch you off guard - be proactive and prepared. Book your spot today and join us in shaping the future of IT infrastructure! 




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Jake Dovey

In-Person Support Manager

University of Southampton

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