Embedding a UCD mindset in HE

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10 March 2022

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10 March 2022

online 13:00 - 14:30

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This will be a panel discussion about the experience of embedding a user-centred design mindset into higher education institutions. The conversation will touch on a range of approaches to building maturity of UCD understanding, from how to engage senior management and influence university strategy, to how to upskill staff in UCD techniques and embed UCD techniques into grassroots processes. It will be a blend of real-life HE examples, lessons learnt, and some tips from other sectors.


person with short hair and glasses looking at the camera

Ayala Gordon

Associate Director (Digital User Experience)

University of Southampton

person looking at the camera

Jennifer Robertson

Head of Automation Transformation Team

University of Glasgow

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Padma Gillen



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Paul Boag



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Paul-Jervis Heath


Modern Human

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Paul-Jervis Heath is an award-winning product and service designer and renowned product strategist with over 25 years of experience. He is Founding Partner & Chief Creative Officer at Modern Human, a multidisciplinary design practice and innovation consultancy that designs products, services, experiences and workplaces.

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Embedding a UCD mindset in HE: Panel discussion

  • Ayala Gordon - Associate Director (Digital User Experience), University of Southampton
  • Jennifer Robertson - Head of Service Design, University of Glasgow
  • Paul-Jervis Heath - Founder of Modern Human
  • Paul Boag - Founder of Boagworks
  • Padma Gillen - Director at Llibertat UK