PMOs working together

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29 June 2022

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29 June 2022

online 11:00 - 12:00

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PMOs working together

PMO’s are often very varied from organisation to organisation, especially in the HE and FE sector. There is certainly no one size fits all approach to PMOs and this series of events looks to explore and share best practice. They will look to present real life experiences (rather than theory) of various PMO related topics (e.g. setting up and evolving a PMO, different types of PMO etc.).

In the second webinar in the series we look how PMOs are changing and are needed more than ever. But what type of PMO might work for your organisation and how could multiple PMOs work together within the same organisation? Within this seminar, colleagues will present their experiences of working in different PMOs and what is involved in them working collaboratively.


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Tony Whitmore

Director of Change Portfolio Office

University of Southampton

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A tale of two PMOs

Tony Whitmore, Director of the Change Portfolio Office (interim), University of Southampton

Tony will share personal reflections on his experience working in both the IT and central PMOs at the University of Southampton, and lessons on effective collaboration between PMOs.