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15 June 2022

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15 June 2022

online 14:00 - 16:15

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Information Insight

The business of Education generates a lot of information, which is rarely utilised to its full potential. How can we tap into this oft-overlooked resource to good effect? Extracting the value from this data could help our institutions react swiftly to change, flag future challenges, and facilitate timely interventions to help nurture students to reach their full potential.

There are lots of tools in the market for collecting and analysing this data. This event looks at how these tools can be used to produce actionable information; combining new ways of obtaining data with all your information to develop insights from within your organisation.


Image of Benjamin Roberts smiling

Dr Benjamin Roberts

Data and Analytics Lead

Imperial College London

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Katie Simms

Principal Business Intelligence Analyst

University of Portsmouth

person looking at camera

John Harris

Education and Student Solutions Director

King’s College London

person smiling at the camera

Simon Dunn

Digital Solutions Manager

University of Portsmouth

black and white drawing to represent a person

Andrew Rowbotham

Careers Information and Communications Coordinator

University of Bradford

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Michael Harbaugh

Head of University Partnerships


Event Schedule

Wednesday 15th June



Trevor Baxter, Director of IT Innovation, King's College London

Information Insights - How might we acquire capacity and deliver well on people-focused and purpose-driven innovation?

John Harris, Education and Student Solutions Director, King's College London, and Jon Faulkner, 6bythree

A cloud data platform to support self-service information insight, the Imperial Story

Benjamin Roberts, Data and Analytics Lead, Imperial College London

Comfort Break


The transformational impact of Information Management in the first 12 months

Katie Simms, Principal Intelligence Data Analyst and Simon Dunn, Digital Solutions Manager, University of Portsmouth

Closing remarks

Trevor Baxter, Director of IT Innovation, King's College London

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