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An insider's view of the IT Senior Management Team

Kathryn Myhill and Sarah Kennedy, University of York

Kathryn Myhill and Sarah Kennedy are the first female members of the Senior Management Team in IT Services at the University of York, They'll share their experiences of the SMT environment, their work to increase gender diversity in IT Services, and strategies for supporting themselves and each other to thrive. 


Men Who Disrupt Gender Inequality

Daniel Guinness, Good Lad Initiative 

The Good Lad Initiative is a gender equality organisation that specialises in working with men and boys to give them the understanding and skills to actively contribute to positive changes in their communities, workplaces and organisation. Running hundreds of trainings a year, the organisation are very used to having difficult, sometimes scary, often awkward conversations to enable men to move past defensiveness and understand the positive roles they can play in building better organisations. 

This presentation will discuss the key steps in our process of change (the five Es), discuss some of the central frameworks we teach, and provide examples of organisational change drawing on our work in schools and workplaces. We love interactive settings, so please bring any questions you have.


Learning to "Live Bolder" in the Windy City: the Bursary Experience and attending Educause 2019

Eleanor Draycott, University of Reading

From plucking up the courage to apply for the ucisa bursary, flying to Chicago and attending the awe-inspiring Educause 2019 conference, and then translating the learning into the workplace, Eleanor will use this session to highlight the impact of receiving a bursary and how she has been inspired and influenced to "live bolder" following the presentation by Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code.


Coder by day, Aerobics Instructor By Night - balancing when two worlds collide

Katie Wild, University of Aberdeen 

How looking for a non-computer hobby in a bid for a better work-life balance led to training to become an Aerobics Instructor, an activity that helped in my recovery from burnout but as my Work and Aerobic worlds increasingly overlap has caused challenges of its own when it comes to balancing work and life.