ucisa CPD webinar 3: Student Multi-Experience

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24 November 2020


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About the Event

Student Multi-Experience: re-imagining mobile enabled services in HE

Multi Experience means Multi technology and Multi-Collaboration:
Are you really ready for a University App?

Apps are only a window to an increasing array of new collaborative and multi-platform tools and services. Integrating these seamlessly to provide stylish, secure, high-performance, real time, on the go experiences is the real challenge.

Can mobile technology really drive flexibility and functionality AND still preserve the essence of higher education?

Imagination is a key aspect; Much of what we need to be ready for has not happened yet. Planning and supporting emerging Pedagogy for online learning, blended learning, recorded/live/face to face teaching, has never been more challenging (and exciting). HE must now provide multiple student experiences and that requires facilitating and supporting multiple user journeys in an ever-changing environment. As associated services become increasingly ‘on demand’- this raises significant challenges for institutions to keep pace, while also preserving the benefits of more traditional teaching and learning experiences.

These 3 sessions will explore and invite continuous debate around the topic of a mobile enabled student experience:

Multi-experience means Multi-collaboration:

Are you really ready for a University student App? Suitable audience would be senior managers, directors or digital managers.

Multi-experience means Multi-technology

University of Strathclyde share their experiences with collaborative tools, student co-creation, security, integrations, store management and authentication. Suitable audience would include, operational staff. developers and/or IT teams.

Multi-experience needs a Community of Practice:

Sharing and collaboration for those engaged in the delivery of student mobile developments and the multiple technologies and systems that feed them. Suitable for all. 


Each session will earn 1 hour CPD accreditation.



Donna Brawley

Donna Brawley

Collaboration Services Manager

University of Strathclyde

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Multi-experience means Multi-collaboration:

Donna Brawley, Collaboration Services Manager, University of Strathclyde



Multi-experience means Multi-technology

Donna Brawley, Collaboration Services Manager, University of Strathclyde



Multi-experience needs a Community of Practice

Donna Brawley, Collaboration Services Manager, University of Strathclyde