Plenary abstracts





How the University of Southampton Saved Time and Simplified Data Management by Future Proofing their Infrastructure
Ryan Harris and James Hughes

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Ethos Technology

Overcoming the barriers to digital transformation
Andrew Walley, Shaun Collings, and Patrick Smith

In our presentation, we will showcase the research we have conducted with IT leaders across the public sector, combined with our experience in the commercial sector, to make a series of recommendations to better support HE objectives to enable digital transformation.



The Digital Campus: today, tomorrow the future
Chris Gabriel, Logicalis

In a decade of IT consolidation that saw a generation of students expecting digital personalisation, static IT platforms competing with agile cloud services and the CIO expected to deliver gourmet experiences at flat white budgets, change was the enemy. Now it is the CIO’s greatest advantage. Hear from the award-winning IT team at University of Derby who have already embraced this opportunity to change their operational approach and create digital campus experiences.




Using Splunk to gain operational visibility and improve your security posture with a simple use case plan
Mark Siddle, Chief Security Officer, Jisc

In this session, we’ll cover how you can prioritise and execute a use case rollout plan helping you identify key data sources, improve your security posture, and reduce overall risk. We will talk about our approach to breaking down silos, demonstrating the multiple use cases for Splunk across the organisation.


Running HPC Cloud Workloads
Christopher Edsall, Research Software Engineer, University of Bristol

The presentation highlights research in the imaging of biomolecules, monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, tracking photons to design radiotherapy devices, simulating experiments to hunt for dark matter and modelling reservoirs for carbon capture and sequestration. It describes the UoB’s journey in developing cloud HPC resources and the benefits to researchers.