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Consultations and responses

UCISA distributes and considers consultations from Government departments and related organisations that affect its members , and where appropriate facilitates consultation within the community through our various communication channels to provide a response from UCISA that reflects the views of our entire user community.

This section of the website highlights any consultations that are currently open and relevant to this community and gives details of the opportunities and mechanisms for contributing to the discussion.  There are also links to previous consultations and the responses that UCISA has made to these.

Activity in 2016

UCISA submitted a response to the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Technical Consultation. The consultation presented proposals for the operation of the TEF in Year Two (2016/17) where assessed institutions may receive ratings of Excellent or Outstanding. The response should be read in conjunction with the consultation document although further explanatory information is available on the TEF webpage.

Further sources of information

In addition to UCISA's work reviewing legislation, Jisc also monitor and the development of law and regulation as they apply to the operators of computer networks. Details of this work are published on their Legal and Regulatory webpage.
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