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What aspects of UCISA have worked for you?

UCISA is seeking brief comments from staff working in member institutions on the positive ways in which UCISA resources, networking and events have been of benefit to you - either personally or as an institution.

UCISA is your organisation and your short comment or quick testimonial will help us promote UCISA events and resources to others working in IT and technical support roles across higher and further education.


You may have made new contacts, gained new understanding of best practice or used UCISA insights to take another step up the career ladder. Whatever the benefit, big or small, we would like to hear how UCISA has worked for you.


Please take a moment to provide us, in just a sentence or two, with a quick example of how UCISA has been of benefit to you. 


If a short general comment about the positive benefits of UCISA would be easier, we'd be just as grateful to receive it.


Your comment, in whole or in part, may be used in future material promoting UCISA events and resources so please include your name, job title and the name of your institution in your response. If you'd prefer your comment to be used anonymously and not attributed, just let us know.


Please send your comment to by no later than 19 January 2018.


We very much value your contribution and thank you in anticipation.

Published by  on 22 December 2017
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