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What Does Social Media Mean For IT Services?

Joe Nicholls

This talk will explore some of the key challenges social media and technologies are presenting to Information Services. Whilst there’s no doubting that Information Services is well placed to catalyse the use of these tools and help staff and students use them more effectively for their work, they also present significant cultural as well as practical challenges that need to be addressed. The effective use of social media will depend as much on winning over the hearts and minds of people as it will be about making tools available and training people to acquire the necessary IT skills.

The questions explored in this talk will concern what responsibility and role does Information Services have in making this change happen? How should we go about promoting and enabling people to work within the University in more social ways? What does it mean more directly in terms of change for the way staff in Information Services need to work themselves? It will also touch upon the growing significance of digital literacy in relation to social media use and the implications of this for Information Services.

Some ideas and suggestions will be offered about where our effort and focus might best be placed so as to enable the University to become more social in the way that it works.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Tear Up The Strategy: Experimentation in social media

Katie Christie
An overview of how University of the Arts has incorporated social media channels into their web environment to increase promotion of student work, showcasing the University’s student gallery and profile website, Showtime ( Katie will discuss the advantages of using a trial and error approach to integrating social media as oppose to burying progress within complex strategies.

Implementing a university blogging service - from pilot to production

Mike Kelly

A discussion of the process of setting up a blogging service for students and staff at University of the Arts London. The presentation covers the rationale for establishing the service, perceived benefits to date, some of the difficulties overcome in setting it up, and how user feedback has shaped the direction of the service's development.

Making the most of the tools

Steve Boneham

Steve will help participants consider the potential of social media as a way to engage with your audience, provide practical guidance in the use of a range of technologies (such as blogging, podcasting and twitter) and discuss ways to evaluate the impact of such usage.

Making the most of Google+

Martin Hamilton

The big new thing in social media for 2011 was Google+. Google+ is both a brand new social network, and a company wide initiative to add social features to Google products.

In this talk Martin Hamilton (Loughborough University) and William Florance (Google) will take a look at key Google+ features from an institutional perspective. This will include potential applications for online teaching and learning, research collaboration and IT support.

The talk will cover features that are unique to Google+, such as Hangouts and Circles. It will also discuss features that overlap with existing systems and services - e.g. the potential use of Google+ for blogging, and brand management through Google+ Pages.

What we have learnt about using Twitter in CiCS at Sheffield

Rob Needham

A reflection on the lessons we have learnt since we started using Twitter in early 2009 in Corporate Information & Computing Services (CiCS) at the University of Sheffield.

Using Social Media to create a digital community

Mandy Phillips

The story of Twestival - How can tools such as Twitter and Facebook engage a global audience, and what lessons can we learn and apply to the workplace?


Michael Nolan

Edge Hill University launched the Hi applicant community website in March 2007. This session will look at its successes and where its future lies.

Get more out of your social media efforts

Pamela Agar

Make your social media activities work harder for your institution – see how to integrate what you’re doing online with your other communications activities and ensure broader audiences and greater engagement. Hear case studies from Imperial College London about using social media in publications, at events, on your institutional website and around campus.

Event Information
Event: Using social media to communicate
Date: 18 January 2012
Venue: Austin Court, Birmingham
Book by:  23 December 2011
Status: Closed

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