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The future is mobile 

   Infrastructure Group (IG) 

6 December 2011
Austin Court, Birmingham

How many mobile devices do you have?

A personal phone? A work phone? An iPhone? A tablet? A laptop?

How many would you like to have and what would you like to be able to do with them… everything? By 2020, 80% of the world’s population will have mobile phones – that’s 6 billion devices. For some, their mobile will be their only access to the Internet and online services. In the last 5 years, the mobile landscape has completely changed. The market that was dominated by the likes of Nokia, Motorola and Microsoft is now more fruit flavoured and robotic.

This UCISA event – organised jointly by the Infrastructure Group (IG) and the Corporate Information Systems Group (CISG) sets out to explore the future of everything mobile, look at ways of delivering applications and services to mobiles, how mobile content can help us learn and teach, and examine some of the current challenges around supporting mobile access such as security and licensing.

The event is aimed at anyone with an interest in mobiles within an HE context – senior managers looking to develop their mobile strategy, developers, learning technologists, and support staff.

Registration opens at 0930 and the event will close at 1530.

Follow the event on Twitter: #UCISAmob

Coming soon: Download the ‘UCISAMobileEvent’ app from the iTunes App Store.


Event Information
Event: The future is mobile
Date: 6 December 2011
Venue: Austin Court, Birmingham
Book by:  18 November 2011
Status: closed

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