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Immersive Environments 

   Digital Education Group (DEG) 

5 December 2018
Austin Court, Birmingham

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Immersive experiences can transport learners to different environments and augment learning within their current surroundings.

The cost to create and interact with these experiences previously meant that these methods of learning and teaching had been limited to those with ample resources. Technologies such as the Internet of Things, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality are enabling the creation of highly engaging experiences that offer learning opportunities that were previously not possible.

This event will showcase examples of practice taking place across different institutions, outlining the value that they are offering to learning and teaching.


Event Information
Event: Immersive Environments
Date: 5 December 2018
Venue: Austin Court, Birmingham
Book by:  15 November 2018
Status: open
Hashtag: #degie

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