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International liaison 

Many of the challenges facing UK universities and colleges are common to those in similar institutions across the world. In an attempt to address this UCISA, along with a number of similar organisations from other countries, formed CHEITA - the Coalition of Higher Education IT Associations. CHEITA exists to promote collaboration between its member organisations to promote best practice and address those common issues. Members of CHEITA meet twice annually - at the EDUCAUSE Conference in the United States in October/November and at the annual conference of one of its member associations that take place between March and June.

Examples of the collaborative activity undertaken by the CHEITA group include:

  • Development of a measure of institutional complexity to allow cross-border benchmarking;
  • Sharing of an enterprise architecture reference model developed by CAUDIT, our Australasian sister organisation;
  • Planning of an international study tour, based around the EDUCAUSE Conference in Philadelphia in October/November 2017;
  • Sharing of resources such as UCISA's Information Security Management Toolkit and EDUCAUSE's Learning Spaces Evaluation Toolkit.

UCISA representatives are also invited to speak at events run by our international partners on the work the Association carries out.


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