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For full details of membership options and categories, please see the membership section.

If you are renewing your membership please check your entry in the members directory and use the field provided to let us know if any changes are required.

Annual subscriptions cover the calendar year (1 January – 31 December). However, if an organisation wishes to join halfway through a year, we will accept a pro-rata payment for the current year as long as the following year's subscription is paid (at the appropriate rate) at the same time. Please add your Primary contact details in the Comments and Feedback field below (ie name, job title, department, organisation, address including postcode, telephone number and email address).

Please check if you are unsure of your institution's JISC Banding

NB. Before completing the online membership form please register or login first.

Select items

Name Description Price Quantity
Full Membership - Band Z JISC Banding A, B and C £2,560.00 (£3,072.00 inc VAT)  
Full Membership - Band Y JISC Banding D and E £2,240.00 (£2,688.00 inc VAT)  
Full Membership - Band X JISC Banding F, G and H £1,600.00 (£1,920.00 inc VAT)  
Full Membership - Band W JISC Banding W £640.00 (£768.00 inc VAT)  
Corporate Membership £1,920.00 (£2,304.00 inc VAT)  
Affiliate Membership £640.00 (£768.00 inc VAT)  
Individual Membership £400.00 (£480.00 inc VAT)  

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