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Technology Enhanced Learning surveys 

The 2016 Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) survey is the eighth in a series of surveys carried out by UCISA’s Academic Support Group.

The 2016 TEL Survey is now being conducted online. The Survey was launched on 12 January – individual links were sent to named contacts within each institution. A word version of the survey is available here to assist institutions in gathering the required data. The results will be published in September.

By performing regular surveys, the Group have been able to identify and comment on developing trends in this area. The outputs of the surveys have been much cited in TEL research literature and are recognised as a valuable source of information.

The results of the 2014 Survey were published in September 2014 with the headline results presented at the ALT-C Conference on 2 September. The results were also discussed at the poster session at the 2014 EDUCAUSE Conference. The results were also highlighted in University Business and discussed in a podcast.

The 2014 results were supplemented by thirteen case studies on institutional approaches to TEL services. This was the third set of case studies published, building on the volumes published in 2010 and 2012.

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