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Learning about the importance of customer feedback at SITS18

Mia Campbell
IT Support Services
Leeds Beckett University

The Service Desk and IT Support Show, June 2018

The seminars at SITS2018, which I was able to attend courtesy of a UCISA bursary, consisted of hour long talks. I have condensed here and in my next blog, information that was mentioned in the talks, which I believe may be helpful to colleagues.

Key points included learning that:
A vision for a project should be: Direct, clear, brief, achievable, believable
The mission for a project should include: What, how, from whom, why
In order to understand requirements, it is important to look at: processes, strategy, functionality, output, future
Future requirements for IT services are likely to include: Shift left testing, self-service/help/healing, AI/chatbots, business relationship management, predictive analytics
Effective research should include: Engaging with experts, engaging with community, demo, SDI intelligence, seminars, software showcase
The following inputs provide opportunities to improve: Customer satisfaction surveys, complaints/compliments and suggestions, management reports, major incident and quality reviews, cross-functional meetings, corridor conversations, social media.
These foundations should help create and sustain success if applied correctly and should continue to be focused on even after the initial launch date. For instance, if maintained, regular performance reviews will help improve services. Another factor that is sometimes overlooked, is when a small and quick addition or change is made. These play a big part in improvement and promotion of the tool.
Other areas that are important to consider include the fact that customers do not necessary want a silent switch out and may like to be informed of improvements being made to the system they use. It is important to advertise the product/tool that is being put in place, inform users why there is an improvement but also underline how it should not be problematic for the users to get the service they require. Customer experience is a huge factor in whether something fails and this should be constantly monitored.
Pictured here is a cycle of processes that I was shown at the conference, which I believe are important from the presentation by Matt Greening, ‘The Naked Service Desk’. It is a good way to further understand satisfaction levels. Correspondingly, another speaker that day underlined that ‘user experience drives improvement’ so keeping, observing and collating this useful data, can help lead to improvements.
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Change is the only constant

For the first time in a few years, I’ll be missing the UCISA SSG conference this time around and I’m quite sad 🙁  Looking back, the last blog I wrote here was on the subject of planning for the last one so hello again!

This time I’ll talk about a significant week in my life – the life of an IT Customer Service Manager here at Edge Hill University. And specifically, last week. And even more specifically, two events last week.

The first was our transition changefrom RMS Service Management to Point of Business Service Management which was live on Tuesday, 9th June. This was the culmination of a project which started in December 2014 but which was delayed due to illness. We rekindled the project on 9th March and were live three months later on 9th June.

Colleagues from other institutions have nicknamed me the ‘RMS Anorak’ but really, all I did was state that it did what it said on the tin. For seven years we have managed our incidents / problems and latterly changes with increasing success and the customer service culture has spread through the IT Services department during this time.

It wasn’t an overnight success and it wasn’t an overnight culture change but it worked for us and in 2012 as you may know, we were voted ‘Top IT Service Desk’ by our customers.

So changing our software was a big deal. Our processes were pretty robust and didn’t need much adjustment just tweaks here and there. Just about everyone in the Department had training (from me) and those who didn’t, have actually managed to teach themselves very well. It’s been a great success and a remarkably stress-free experience. Thanks go to Anne of the Knowledge Group for working with us so closely over the last three months. Anyone who wants to come and visit us is very welcome to do so.

The other significant event last week that I attended was ‘Inspiring Excellent Customer Service in Higher Education’ which was hosted by Leeds Beckett University.

A fantastic range of speakers, workshops and sessions filled the day and there were many great takeaways to be had. For me personally, the de-mystifying of ‘Customer Journey Mapping’ was the highlight of the day and made something that sometimes seem impossibly difficult to start, quite clear. I’d best invest in some post it notes now!

It was a risky business to be out of the office on the day after going live with Point of Business. Our IT teams stepped up to the bar and made the leap of faith to new software without difficulty whilst I refreshed my skills remembering that the customer is at the heart of all we do.

I shall miss the UCISA SSG conference, my UCISA colleagues and meeting new friends this year because it’s my daughter’s prom night on the night of the main conference dinner. But I’ll be thinking of you all and joining in with the live screening when I can. Have a fabulous time one and all and see you next year.

Post by Jenny Jordan
Customer Services Manager
Edge Hill University