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A pre-conference takeaway



Sally Bogg
IT Help Desk Manager
University of Leeds
Member of UCISA-SSG


I’ve been in Orlando for three days now and in that time I’ve managed to pack quite a lot in. I’ve taken a boat ride through the Everglades, visited Miami and eaten breakfast in an American diner.

Have A Nice Day  – putting customer experience at the heart of everything

Yesterday I was lucky enough spend some time in one of the Universal theme parks. It was great fun, lots of roller coasters, shows and experience rides. Thankfully it was an exceptionally quiet day and we were fortunate that the queues were short, the longest we waited was twenty minutes. However the twenty minutes didn’t feel like it was very long because the Americans put a lot of effort into making the queue part of the ride, the attention to detail is phenomenal and this is something that is consistent throughout the park. Each ride has its own staff, with their own uniforms, they pump particular smells out into the different areas of the park (smells of sweeties and popcorn in Dr Zuess Land) and each section has its own theme music. There were no queues for the toilets or food stations and there were plenty of taxis waiting at the exits to take people back to their hotels. It was all very slick. Another thing that has really stood out to me is that there is free wifi everywhere. There was free wifi available in the theme parks, in the service stations (which only had very basic amenities, not like our huge ones with Starbucks and Tescos etc.) and most surprisingly on the coach we took to Miami.

There is really a lot to learn from the American way of doing things. It’s not all “have a nice day”, they really do put customer experience at the heart of everything and I think I’ve found my first conference takeaway already!

Sally Bogg